Linkin Park & Gorillaz iPhone Games

The bands who have huge number of fans like Linkin Park, Gorillaz announced their own iPhone games. Linkin Park game is called as 8-bit rebellion. As the name suggests, it exactly is. The graphic renderings, characters look like from the good old video arcade game days. The difference is that the game characters are Linkin Park personas and fight the evil PixxelKorp to bring the world into happy days. The music is exactly Linkin Park songs .. ummhh just in 8-bits. Wonder the game? See the video review below.

The next partner in the iPhone band games wagon is Gorillaz. Gorillaz' title is called as Escape to the Plastic Beach. It is a 3D game with good accelerometer usage. The first 2 chapters are already in band's website for free to play. The next chapters will be in App Store soon (surely, not free). The game topic is flying Murdoc around the island to dodge pirate ships, dive in thermals, explode mines etc. Check App Store regularly.

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