Catan - iPhone Settlement & Trading Strategy Game

Many people will remember Catan. One of the classic traditional board games which first released in 1995. During the next 15 years, the game has developed into a huge world with lots of scenario additions, expansion packs, maps etc. It then appeared as an online browser game. Now, it is available for iPhone (no need to mention much that it is available for brother iPod touch every time surely). Settlers of Catan. It is a well-thought version of the traditional board game, actually we can think the iPhone game version as a small sized tabletop game. The iPhone game version allows playing up to four people (or surely bots).

Catan for iPhone, essentially follows the traditional game playing rules of most classic settlement games. You collect resources, build settlements, cities. Every thing you build makes your stronger & stronger and you compete to reach to achieve a pre-defined point total (default is 10) before other players. If you ever have played Settlers of Catan, iPhone Catan game rules will be the thing you will ignore. Just start playing. Otherwise, a digital tutorial section will help you to learn the rules and basic strategies: building, trading, collection resources.

The gameplaying screen is well-thought to fit on iPhone & iPod touch. Every move was clearly shown with different colors and animations. Overall there is much to explore in Catan iPhone version. I would suggest buying it. Link at iTunes.

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