3D Fast and Furious Air Combat for iPhone

F.A.S.T (Fleet Air Superiority Training) is currently one of the most exciting games for iPhone air combat simulation fans. Realistic 3D in 360 degrees. 30 missions mostly covering hot dogfights and 10 aircrafts to choose. First, you can play only 3 of them but later all aircrafts will be available including F-4, F-15, F-16, F-22, Eurofighter and some other stealthfighters. This new iPhone game is all about figting crazily, the developers also put many different missiles, rockets and guns. Simple miniguns to advanced radar driven missiles. You can also test your skills against your friends one-to-one or in groups of two players.

Eventhough it is more expensive that similar iPhone airfight game titles (Currently $4.99), it will surely enjoy air combat fans.

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