iPhone Resident Evil 4 Finally Officially on App Store

Resident Evil 4 in Japanese accidentally had become available in Japan App Store but had been pulled back very fast this week. Now, Capcom officially announced that Resident Evil 4 is available on App Store. The game sells for $7,99. Eventhough it was ported from another mobile edition, essentially, the game reflects the atmosphere of legendary horror survival Resident Evil series. 3rd Person 3D camera, location based laser damage, shaking the phone for reloading and extra specific actions like climbing ladders, using binoculars with tap of buttons. Check the video below featuring first 4 levels.

Space Invaders iPhone Shooting Game

Do you remember the legendary two-dimensional arcade space shooter game? Space Invaders evolved much since its first release in 1978 and now available for iPhone with lots of new features. The application called as Space Invaders Infinity Gene at App Store.

The game starts according to original version, only left/right movements and one weapon. Hopefully, when you progress the levels, new weapons unlock such as laser, gravity, wave and get the ability to move on the screen freely. The game consists of 38 levels in various difficulty settings. Interestingly, the player can choose the game track from its own mp3 list. It is an addictive game and tempo never falls.

If you like space shooter games for iPhone, Space Invaders Infinity Gene is an excellent choice. Here is the official trailer for the iPhone game.

And finally old Space Invaders screenshot for nostalgia.

I think you mayenjoy another Space iPhone game called as Pangea Antimatter as well.

3D Fast and Furious Air Combat for iPhone

F.A.S.T (Fleet Air Superiority Training) is currently one of the most exciting games for iPhone air combat simulation fans. Realistic 3D in 360 degrees. 30 missions mostly covering hot dogfights and 10 aircrafts to choose. First, you can play only 3 of them but later all aircrafts will be available including F-4, F-15, F-16, F-22, Eurofighter and some other stealthfighters. This new iPhone game is all about figting crazily, the developers also put many different missiles, rockets and guns. Simple miniguns to advanced radar driven missiles. You can also test your skills against your friends one-to-one or in groups of two players.

Eventhough it is more expensive that similar iPhone airfight game titles (Currently $4.99), it will surely enjoy air combat fans.

Buy at AppStore

Firemint Real Racing Game for iPhone - Awesome !

Developer of high quality games Firemint, especially known with their best selling iPhone air simulation Flight Control, now released most waited race game, Firemint Real Racing at App Store for $10. I will straightly claim that it is currently the best iPhone race game you can find there. PSP fans who claim iPhone is not for games, should be really jealous seeing the wonderful 3D graphics, high quality audio of engine sounds, flawless multiplayer game mode and clever AI implementation.

Real Racing Game offers 36 cars, 12 tracks in three racing divisions. As a beginner quick race is a good start with default controls. You can change default settings to according to touch or tilt input. For example, auto or manual acceleration, brakes. After playing some time, you can change into career mode where you participate on several racing events (total 57) and reveal new types of cars (Sedan, Hatchback, Muscle :) according to your experience. By the way, it is not easy to complete all career mode, it can take several hours.

It is not the end of the game. You can even join a centralized online league to compete against other human racers. So, maybe it will take weeks until you become bored of it.

If you will spend money on a racing game, do not think twice. Highly recommended!

iNetMania : Monopoly Game for iPhone

iNetManiaTrying to bankrupt your best friends in financial social games like Monopoly was always a popular hit all times no matter as a board game or on your computer. Monopoly eventually would evolve into an iPhone game and the time has come in a not very cool looking name, iNetMania. Actually it is the digital version of another popular board game, ServerMania.

So, what are the rules? You own a fictional website and try to make money online by attracting more visitors than your rival. Squares are full of server costs, marketing related items, advertising income etc. Your destiny mostly is determined by landing squares. Like Monopoly, they can be positive or negative according to your rolling die luck. This high quality and fun iPhone game can be played by up to 4 people, humans like you or computer. Graphics, animations and playability is top level. I just didn't enjoy the sounds much. It could be better for sure.

Overall, if you enjoyed Monopoly like games before, iNetMania is your new baby for iPhone (and iPod Touch surely)

iNetMania website

Fantastic Contraption Puzzle Game for iPhone

It was a long time I didn't add a review for the new iPhone games. Now, I will often update my iPhone games blog. Fantastic Contraption is a physics puzzle game that challenges players to build a machine to solve a puzzle.

They use simple parts like rods and wheels and can create conveyor belts, catapults, tanks, ramps and much more. The only obstacle to beat a level is your imagination. There are 21 standard and 20 bonus levels. Introductory company price of $2.99 is quite cheap at Apple application store.

The best part is to be able to see other players' solutions when you complete a level. It is possible to create new levels with the editor provided and share with other iphone and ipod owners.

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