iPhone Game Coding Lessons

An UK based digital media college Qantm has announced plans to offer an iPhone games development course.

Starting in 2009 February, 'the course is tailored specifically for designers aspiring to produce work for Apple’s revolutionary instrument'.

The lessons will run alongside its established Game Design & Development Course and in time will also be offered at its colleges in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich. The iPhone Course will be held as evening and weekend classes from February 23rd 2009, costing £3,950.

It is actually world's first iPhone game development course.

Phelios iSnap Gem Killer iPhone Game

Phelios, a gaming company which develops games for Mac, has announced the release of iSnap, an iPhone and iPod touch game that costs just 99 cents. Actually the game is a version of Mac adapted to iPhone.

In iSnap, you drag a metallic ball, aim it and release it onto a board of differently-colored gems, which are cleared when the ball lands. The aim of the game is to remove as many same color grouped gems as possible.

There will be bonuses and challenges as the game goes on.

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