Kingdom Lores : 3D Fantasy Game with a unique game engine

The future of iPhone gaming is bright. Marco Giorgini developed it from the zero with its own efforts.

The results are really satisfactory. Check the video also. You can get the alpha version of the new 3D iPhone game from this resource here.

Tapnumber : New iPhone Memory Game

We had introduced i-tile memory game and bunny hunt memory game before. It is a new memory developer game but speed and hand-eye coordination functions are added.

You tap the numbers as fast as possible starting with 1 and to the highest number. Starting number is a free choice. There are only two options like shuffle and interval.

You can reach the game in the of the McAfee packaging source at McAfee :

Dactyl : Speed and Reflex Tester iPhone Game

Friends from iSpazio are always busy with developing new themes, games and other applications for iPhone. Dactyl is a simple but very funny game which tests your reflexes with bombs.

When you open the game menu, you will see 3 *4 bombs. When you start the game, red bombs start to come. Your mission is to disarm them by clicking on them in time. When you do it, new ones keep appearing.

The game is located in Games category of the installer in ModMyiFone’s repository.

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