Rubik's Cube on iPhone

That's a really good emulation of one of the most famous IQ cubes.

You can play it freely in 3D with this javascript coded Rubik's cube here.

Use big arrow signs to turn on the X,Y,Z axis. You will use little arrows around the cube to turn individual parts of the Rubik's cube.

Excellent iPhone Chess Game : Shredder

Good iPhone gaming news. Now, we have a high quality free iPhone chess game. Say hello to Shredder. It is a web application which has easy, medium and hard levels. If you play at hard level, you will notice that shredder is a tough opponent. Additionally you can take back your moves and choose white or black side for openings.

If you are interested to develop your skills, you should check daily chess puzzle section too.

You can also consider checking an easier variant of chess for iphone from Robota Software.

iPhone Word Puzzle Game

This is an entertaining word generation game. You try to construct as much English words as you can.

You play against the time and try to find lengthier words for more points. Give a try at this website with your Safari browser.

Word Ladder Game

Quake 3 Arena on iPhone and iPod Touch

Well, smart guys on at HermitWorks have ported Quake 3 Arena to iPod Touch and so, possibly on iPhones. Here is the proof video. What you will see is the impressive video of Quake 3 being played on 2 iPod Touch through the networking mode of the game. There are not much details how they achieved it, but it is a signal that excellent commercial iPhone games will be all around before the end of 2008.

Best iPhone Cases

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