i-Tile Memory Development Game

How Good Is Your Memory? Can you match the images? It is scientifically proven that people who play such games more, have better memories. the game interface is nice. you can play at four different levels easy, medium,difficult,hard.

I especially liked the hard level. You should see this. It is really challenging. Play iphone memory game here at DigiWidge.

iPhone Application & Games Development Books

Are you looking for iPhone games sources? If you have intentions to learn iPhone programming, you have now more chances. My suggestion is to begin with iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone. Actually the book was written prior to official iPhone SDK release. So you will have codes for 1.1.4 firmware . After you gain the needed experience, you can further continue with the upcoming books like The iPhone Developer's Cookbook: Building Native Applications for the iPhone (Developer's Library)

I expect that in the next year, we will see many excellent iPhone games and applicatons. Who starts to code beforehand, will gain more in the future.

Bunny Hunt iPhone Memory Game

We had written about Duck Hunt before. Now, the hunt goes for funny looking bunnies.
You must match the pairs of bunnies that are hiding behind the rocks. The timer serves as a reset button. You will need a little bit concentration.

It is fully supported for the iPhone, and the iPod touch.

Here is your game link for your Safari browser to play.

Needed iPhone Game Engineers

Namco Networks America Inc, a leading entertainment company now seeks to grow more on mobile gaming industry. It is their job position description :
iPhone Game Engineers are responsible for developing and localizing game content for Apple iPod and iPhone devices. We are looking for Mid-level to Advanced-level candidates. The ideal candidate should have at least 3 years experience in the game industry working in video game console or Macintosh OS X development.
You can apply for the job at GamesOnDeck website.

Sunset 3D Graphics RPG Game

Now, we have a really nice looking first-person role playing game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game tells the story of you, as a security guard, saving a research facility from an alien invasion. The important point is that the game really has content that most current iPhone games fail. Have a try.

Donald Hays, the creator of the game says that he wanted to test the limits of mobile safari browser. The Sunset RPG game features three weapons, three kinds of enemies, and five levels.

New iPhone Game : PuzzleManiak

PuzzleManiak is a port of the excellent Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection on iPhone. The first version of the ported iPhone puzzle game includes 3 games. Bridges, Light Up and Net.

It was only tested on an iPod Touch but expected to work on all jail broken iPhones.

Here is the PuzzleManiak game blog where you can download and learn more.

iPhone Game : Simple Simon Repeat Pattern

Maybe most of you know that Simple Simon was a popular game of 70's. Simply you try to repeat the pattern that the game presents to you.

The game speeds up as the you reach higher levels. Test your ability to remember the sequence at http://38i.biz/simplesimon.

iPhone Thinking Game iGet4

iGet4 is a simple but attractive thinking game. You try to get 4 coins connected together on horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

There are 4 difficulty levels and computer always play different. You need to develop a strategy to defeat the computer on later stages.

Here is the link for your safari browser. http://iget4.co.cc

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