Pyramid Solitaire iPhone

MacMost released a new addition to their cool iPhone games application list. We have now a classic solitaire game 'Pyramid' arranged for iPhone.

Basically you must find pairs of cards that total 13 and remove them. Nice time killing game.

iPhone Forum, Themes, Icons, Ringtones, Modded Files, Applications and More

If you are looking for a very active iPhone forum and community where you can always be informed about the latest applications, games, downloads, news, is one of the best iPhone sites. You can meet many people from novice to professionals ready to help you on your iPhone problems, troubleshooting and answer your any questions related to iPhones.

I noticed that besides the forum, they have a great database of applications, downloads, iPhone wallpapers and accessories.

Applications are categorized in two main sub sections: Native and Web applications. Some native categories are development, dictionaries, games, multimedia, network, productivity, sports, system, toys, and utilities. Web categories are bookmarking, cars, chat, communication, daily, design, education, email ,entertainment, food, games, health, local, media, movies, music, news, office, personal, religion, shopping, RSS, sports, travel, sites, utilities and weather.

As an iPhone game blog, I am interested on games and see that features many games both native and web. Colorfall, OmegaBall, 3 Point basketball, backgammon, blockout and many more. They update the sections regularly.

iPhone wallpapers are also one of my interested areas and see that there are hundreds of them in standard sections including cars, animals, movies, music, hot girls, hot guys, nature, abstract, sports, tv, places. All of them are free and no embedded watermarks. Choose your favorite iPhone wallpaper for free.

Planet iPhones offers also hundreds of iPhone mods for your gadget including themes, icons and firmware, system files.

Visit them and join this excellent community now!

iPhone SDK will Accelarate Mobile Gaming Industry

The iPhone could see an explosion of authorized native game development later this month, when Apple releases an official software development kit. Touchscreens are the hot technology in cellphones, and will see attention from game developers, especially as they become standard-issue features on new models. "Touch will be the next big thing, and we can incorporate that technology quickly." said Matthew Turetzky, RealNetworks' vice president of non-PC gaming.

iPhone Vegas Game MyNumo Roulette

The fun of the Vegas strip is now appearing on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

MyNuMo brings Roulette, one of the most popular casino games, to the iPhone’s touch screen and display.

They promise they will bring comparison feature with other players also soon.

Here is your iPhone Roulette link

Best iPhone Cases

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