iPhone Solitaire Game Utopia

iPhone Utopia Solitaire is an implementation of the classic Klondike solitaire and was designed with the famous touch screen in mind.

You can pick deck designs, there are 1 card and 3 card draws, choose to play 4FUN or register and play 4SCORE. Support for both landscape or portrait, there is zooming and panning.

Try this great solitaire here

Yeti3D FPS Game For iPhone

iPhone FPS GameIf you like 3D games like Wolfenstein and Doom, there is a new native iPhone FPS game where you can find at MarcoGiorgini.com. You can download and try here.

40 Games : iGiki iPhone Ultra Games Bundle II Interactive

iGiki, a well-known iPhone games developer announced that they’ve released the iPhone Ultra Games Bundle II Interactive , a great compilation of games for iPhone and iPod.

40 mind blowing games from ranging from arcade, puzzles,logic and cards. The best news is that you can even create your own iPhone games and widgets with the software inside the package. It will work on iPod Touch as well.

JirboMatch iPhone Game

Jirbo has some nice games for iPhone and iPod Touch, Simply type in Jirbo.com in your device's safari browser in order to play free iphone games. Try Jirbomatch for example

iPhone Chess from Robota Softwarehouse

I am happy to inform you at last about a pretty nice Chess game for the iPhone from Robota Softwarehouse.

It has some limitations but who cares in the lack of iPhone games.

Chess lovers will like it. Download it for free here.

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