Antimatter Arcade from Pangea Software

I will introduce you a strange but addictive space (particle) arcade iPhone game from the Pangea, also known as with their Enigmo game (3D puzzle) which has won the Best iPhone Game award in 2008 by Apple.

It is a strange game but I will try to explain how it works. There is an orb and you try to convert blue cosmic strings (which also move around) to red by moving your finger in a certain period of time. It looks easy but not actually.

The graphics are really powerful and the gameplay is high quality. Pangea software games are really cheap nowadays for introduction purposes of antimatter game. Only $0.99 at appstore including the famous Enigmo.

Silicone Grip for iPhone Gaming

I have stumbled upon an interesting gadget designed for especially iPhone gaming.

This silicone grip as you see in the photo claims that it will give more comfort to play iPhone games. Built-in charger slot lets your device to charge while you play. Silicone sleeves can be used as stand alone protection when not playing games.

Whether it is so useful or not but surely quite expensive. Available at Marware $50 for iPhone users who are really interested in.

A Developer's iPhone Game Creation Journey

This is the story of Asterope; an iPhone game developed by Niklas Wahrman, a 24 years old computer science student from Finland.

He shares his experience on development of a commercial iTunes store game from start to finish.

You can read this interesting iPhone game development article here and learn more about the Asterope game here.

iPhone Game Coding Lessons

An UK based digital media college Qantm has announced plans to offer an iPhone games development course.

Starting in 2009 February, 'the course is tailored specifically for designers aspiring to produce work for Apple’s revolutionary instrument'.

The lessons will run alongside its established Game Design & Development Course and in time will also be offered at its colleges in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich. The iPhone Course will be held as evening and weekend classes from February 23rd 2009, costing £3,950.

It is actually world's first iPhone game development course.

Phelios iSnap Gem Killer iPhone Game

Phelios, a gaming company which develops games for Mac, has announced the release of iSnap, an iPhone and iPod touch game that costs just 99 cents. Actually the game is a version of Mac adapted to iPhone.

In iSnap, you drag a metallic ball, aim it and release it onto a board of differently-colored gems, which are cleared when the ball lands. The aim of the game is to remove as many same color grouped gems as possible.

There will be bonuses and challenges as the game goes on.

Addictive 3D MotionX Poker Game

This game is morph of classic poker with the elements of Yahtzee.

The mission is to get the best poker hands in three rolls using five dice and three rolls per turn.
Dices are used to show cards and only a select number of cards are used from the deck. You will notice that a straight is better than a full house because it has less odds. Actually the game resembles to poker dice.

What you will get here is the good usage of iPhone accelerometer, nice 3D graphics, rich soundtracks. Just shake your iPhone to see how the dice roll realistically because of the physics engine. Even though MotionX Poker is a single player game it is quite addictive.

Visit the game official website and you can download from app store using the link there. Only $4.99

Chopper Helicopter Game for iPhone

Chopper is an exciting helicopter game with lots of enemy fire action. There are several missions in a total of sixty levels to complete and return to base. Your enemies are tanks and the raged men with bazookas. Three difficulty levels.

You need tilt to fly and touch the screen to drop bombs or fire the machine gun. If you are over cautious like me you should save your game at any point, and resume right where you left off if. I especially liked these beautiful 3D scene renders (although side-scrolling). It is one of the best what you will find in iPhone App Store.

Developer : Magic Jungle Software , Price : $7.99

How to know first about new iPhone games?

App Store becomes much more active everyday and already hosts more than 450 iPhone games. New games are added every day and many of them takes updates.

There is two way of knowing about fresh iPhone games. First is to visit this blog surely or use a web service called GotApps. This is an alert system of new apps on the App Store which will email you on the keywords you set up.

You should sign up an alert for Games category and that's it. The service emails you if it finds a new tab. Recommended!

Prepare your iPhone for Wolfenstein and Doom 2 RPG

According to Kotaku, id Software brains are already playing with iPhone SDK for awhile and preparing Wolfenstein and Doom 2 RPG for mobile phones.

They did not clearly stated that they would certainly develop the games for iPhone but I am sure they will surprise us to invade iPhone gaming sector as soon as possible before the competitors.

These games surely will be a hot seller.

iPhone Racing Game - WingNuts Moto Racer

It is an arcade style motorcycle racing gaming by Freeverse which is also a game creator for Macs. Wingnuts Moto Racer is a nice debut game for the iPhone with decent control once you get past the learning curve.

The tracks are beautifully designed and the wide angle is great for seeing whats lies ahead in a very realistic way.

You can buy, download and sync the iPhone game application to your iPhone via the App Store (iTunes link here). Here is a demo video of WingNuts.

Aurora Feint : Free Tetris-like RPG Game

Well, this is a unique free iPhone game of a mixture of Tetris, Bejeweled with RPG touch. The graphics and sounds exactly what you can expect from a traditional RPG computer game. The mission is to align blocks with the same symbol an color in a row of at least three. When you achieve it, the row will disappear and you get the points. As you can guess, you shouldn't allow the blocks reach the top of the screen to not to lose. Well you can tilt the screen to be in landscape mode. It gives a more realistic feeling with the help of accelerometer and touch screen. You can ask where is the RPG part then? Well, as you accumulate points later you can buy several items called as power-ups.

The developers informed that Aurora Feint is planned to be a larger massively multiplayer online game (MMO). So, this free version is really just a beginning. Here is the video of the game.

Military Grade iPhone Protection

invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G
InvisibleSHIELD iPhone Screen Protector is the best product to scratch Proof your iPhone. Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping. You can now order revolutionary invisibleSHIELD for the new Apple iPhone as well and save 20%.

ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD™ is a thin polyurethane film originally created for the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. What's unique about this military-grade, patented film is how tough it is - it doesn't scratch. What makes ZAGG's exclusive invisibleSHIELD™ so strong, flexible and scratch-proof? Its. With this technology, it also allows it to curve and contour around an entire device (not just the screen) and adhere to the device unless you want to remove it (without leaving adhesive).

Rolando : Mixture of Puzzle and Platform Gaming

Well as you can see from the trailer below, this new iPhone game is a mixture of LocoRoco, Lemmings and Katamari Damacy. Rolando is a physics-based platform/puzzler. It is the unique definition of the developer Simon Oliver. There will be four different worlds with several levels. The game is planned to reveal in App Store by August with the price of $9,99 which I find suitable. The game promises that the full efficient use of the iPhone’s multitouch interface.

Best iPhone Game Award : Enigmo 1.0

Do you remember incredible machine? Enigmo 1.0 is a 3D puzzle game from Pangea Software where players construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma and water to toggle switches and deactiviate force-fields.

The game was introduced during the keynote, which showed off Apple's high processor speed because little beads of water were rapidly deflecting off numerous pipes and other objects.

It is one of the winners of Apple Design Awards this year.

The game will be released for iPhone and iPod touch, hopefully soon after the iPhone App Store launches next month.

New 3D Game Engine for iPhone

This video is a demo of a 3D physics engine on the iPhone with a sandbox game developed by the mobile game company IUGO. It’s pretty cool and definitely has potential as more than a demo. Here is the demo video.

Kingdom Lores : 3D Fantasy Game with a unique game engine

The future of iPhone gaming is bright. Marco Giorgini developed it from the zero with its own efforts.

The results are really satisfactory. Check the video also. You can get the alpha version of the new 3D iPhone game from this resource here.

Tapnumber : New iPhone Memory Game

We had introduced i-tile memory game and bunny hunt memory game before. It is a new memory developer game but speed and hand-eye coordination functions are added.

You tap the numbers as fast as possible starting with 1 and to the highest number. Starting number is a free choice. There are only two options like shuffle and interval.

You can reach the game in the of the McAfee packaging source at McAfee :

Dactyl : Speed and Reflex Tester iPhone Game

Friends from iSpazio are always busy with developing new themes, games and other applications for iPhone. Dactyl is a simple but very funny game which tests your reflexes with bombs.

When you open the game menu, you will see 3 *4 bombs. When you start the game, red bombs start to come. Your mission is to disarm them by clicking on them in time. When you do it, new ones keep appearing.

The game is located in Games category of the installer in ModMyiFone’s repository.

Rubik's Cube on iPhone

That's a really good emulation of one of the most famous IQ cubes.

You can play it freely in 3D with this javascript coded Rubik's cube here.

Use big arrow signs to turn on the X,Y,Z axis. You will use little arrows around the cube to turn individual parts of the Rubik's cube.

Excellent iPhone Chess Game : Shredder

Good iPhone gaming news. Now, we have a high quality free iPhone chess game. Say hello to Shredder. It is a web application which has easy, medium and hard levels. If you play at hard level, you will notice that shredder is a tough opponent. Additionally you can take back your moves and choose white or black side for openings.

If you are interested to develop your skills, you should check daily chess puzzle section too.

You can also consider checking an easier variant of chess for iphone from Robota Software.

iPhone Word Puzzle Game

This is an entertaining word generation game. You try to construct as much English words as you can.

You play against the time and try to find lengthier words for more points. Give a try at this website with your Safari browser.

Word Ladder Game

Quake 3 Arena on iPhone and iPod Touch

Well, smart guys on at HermitWorks have ported Quake 3 Arena to iPod Touch and so, possibly on iPhones. Here is the proof video. What you will see is the impressive video of Quake 3 being played on 2 iPod Touch through the networking mode of the game. There are not much details how they achieved it, but it is a signal that excellent commercial iPhone games will be all around before the end of 2008.

i-Tile Memory Development Game

How Good Is Your Memory? Can you match the images? It is scientifically proven that people who play such games more, have better memories. the game interface is nice. you can play at four different levels easy, medium,difficult,hard.

I especially liked the hard level. You should see this. It is really challenging. Play iphone memory game here at DigiWidge.

iPhone Application & Games Development Books

Are you looking for iPhone games sources? If you have intentions to learn iPhone programming, you have now more chances. My suggestion is to begin with iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone. Actually the book was written prior to official iPhone SDK release. So you will have codes for 1.1.4 firmware . After you gain the needed experience, you can further continue with the upcoming books like The iPhone Developer's Cookbook: Building Native Applications for the iPhone (Developer's Library)

I expect that in the next year, we will see many excellent iPhone games and applicatons. Who starts to code beforehand, will gain more in the future.

Bunny Hunt iPhone Memory Game

We had written about Duck Hunt before. Now, the hunt goes for funny looking bunnies.
You must match the pairs of bunnies that are hiding behind the rocks. The timer serves as a reset button. You will need a little bit concentration.

It is fully supported for the iPhone, and the iPod touch.

Here is your game link for your Safari browser to play.

Needed iPhone Game Engineers

Namco Networks America Inc, a leading entertainment company now seeks to grow more on mobile gaming industry. It is their job position description :
iPhone Game Engineers are responsible for developing and localizing game content for Apple iPod and iPhone devices. We are looking for Mid-level to Advanced-level candidates. The ideal candidate should have at least 3 years experience in the game industry working in video game console or Macintosh OS X development.
You can apply for the job at GamesOnDeck website.

Sunset 3D Graphics RPG Game

Now, we have a really nice looking first-person role playing game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The game tells the story of you, as a security guard, saving a research facility from an alien invasion. The important point is that the game really has content that most current iPhone games fail. Have a try.

Donald Hays, the creator of the game says that he wanted to test the limits of mobile safari browser. The Sunset RPG game features three weapons, three kinds of enemies, and five levels.

New iPhone Game : PuzzleManiak

PuzzleManiak is a port of the excellent Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection on iPhone. The first version of the ported iPhone puzzle game includes 3 games. Bridges, Light Up and Net.

It was only tested on an iPod Touch but expected to work on all jail broken iPhones.

Here is the PuzzleManiak game blog where you can download and learn more.

iPhone Game : Simple Simon Repeat Pattern

Maybe most of you know that Simple Simon was a popular game of 70's. Simply you try to repeat the pattern that the game presents to you.

The game speeds up as the you reach higher levels. Test your ability to remember the sequence at

iPhone Thinking Game iGet4

iGet4 is a simple but attractive thinking game. You try to get 4 coins connected together on horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

There are 4 difficulty levels and computer always play different. You need to develop a strategy to defeat the computer on later stages.

Here is the link for your safari browser.

Pyramid Solitaire iPhone

MacMost released a new addition to their cool iPhone games application list. We have now a classic solitaire game 'Pyramid' arranged for iPhone.

Basically you must find pairs of cards that total 13 and remove them. Nice time killing game.

iPhone Forum, Themes, Icons, Ringtones, Modded Files, Applications and More

If you are looking for a very active iPhone forum and community where you can always be informed about the latest applications, games, downloads, news, is one of the best iPhone sites. You can meet many people from novice to professionals ready to help you on your iPhone problems, troubleshooting and answer your any questions related to iPhones.

I noticed that besides the forum, they have a great database of applications, downloads, iPhone wallpapers and accessories.

Applications are categorized in two main sub sections: Native and Web applications. Some native categories are development, dictionaries, games, multimedia, network, productivity, sports, system, toys, and utilities. Web categories are bookmarking, cars, chat, communication, daily, design, education, email ,entertainment, food, games, health, local, media, movies, music, news, office, personal, religion, shopping, RSS, sports, travel, sites, utilities and weather.

As an iPhone game blog, I am interested on games and see that features many games both native and web. Colorfall, OmegaBall, 3 Point basketball, backgammon, blockout and many more. They update the sections regularly.

iPhone wallpapers are also one of my interested areas and see that there are hundreds of them in standard sections including cars, animals, movies, music, hot girls, hot guys, nature, abstract, sports, tv, places. All of them are free and no embedded watermarks. Choose your favorite iPhone wallpaper for free.

Planet iPhones offers also hundreds of iPhone mods for your gadget including themes, icons and firmware, system files.

Visit them and join this excellent community now!

iPhone SDK will Accelarate Mobile Gaming Industry

The iPhone could see an explosion of authorized native game development later this month, when Apple releases an official software development kit. Touchscreens are the hot technology in cellphones, and will see attention from game developers, especially as they become standard-issue features on new models. "Touch will be the next big thing, and we can incorporate that technology quickly." said Matthew Turetzky, RealNetworks' vice president of non-PC gaming.

iPhone Vegas Game MyNumo Roulette

The fun of the Vegas strip is now appearing on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

MyNuMo brings Roulette, one of the most popular casino games, to the iPhone’s touch screen and display.

They promise they will bring comparison feature with other players also soon.

Here is your iPhone Roulette link

iPhone Solitaire Game Utopia

iPhone Utopia Solitaire is an implementation of the classic Klondike solitaire and was designed with the famous touch screen in mind.

You can pick deck designs, there are 1 card and 3 card draws, choose to play 4FUN or register and play 4SCORE. Support for both landscape or portrait, there is zooming and panning.

Try this great solitaire here

Yeti3D FPS Game For iPhone

iPhone FPS GameIf you like 3D games like Wolfenstein and Doom, there is a new native iPhone FPS game where you can find at You can download and try here.

40 Games : iGiki iPhone Ultra Games Bundle II Interactive

iGiki, a well-known iPhone games developer announced that they’ve released the iPhone Ultra Games Bundle II Interactive , a great compilation of games for iPhone and iPod.

40 mind blowing games from ranging from arcade, puzzles,logic and cards. The best news is that you can even create your own iPhone games and widgets with the software inside the package. It will work on iPod Touch as well.

JirboMatch iPhone Game

Jirbo has some nice games for iPhone and iPod Touch, Simply type in in your device's safari browser in order to play free iphone games. Try Jirbomatch for example

iPhone Chess from Robota Softwarehouse

I am happy to inform you at last about a pretty nice Chess game for the iPhone from Robota Softwarehouse.

It has some limitations but who cares in the lack of iPhone games.

Chess lovers will like it. Download it for free here.

Best iPhone Cases

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