Perfect News : Native LucasArts Games Emulation For iPhone

ScummVM, this basically lets the iPhone take the roll of the top consoles such as the PlayStation and Wii.

With the iPhone’s touch screen technology, this enables you to become part of the game with easy controls.

Here is a list of fully supported games: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, King’s Quest 3 Loom Maniac Mansion Monkey Island 1, Simon the Sorcerer 1 Simon the Sorcerer 2 Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Monkey Island 2, LeChuck’s Revenge.

All these games play great.

Maybe, LucasArts people will see this kind of improvements and decide to partner with Apple to release updated and higher resolution versions of—at least—the Monkey Island, Indy and Sam&Max series. Or I hope that Blizzard can release the good old Starcraft or Warcraft, two games that will play perfectly in this platform. Old but good yeah !!

These are just a few games for the iPhone,

for more detailed information visit [ScummVM Wiki]

iApp-a-Day : Develop more games please !

The nice guy of iApp-a-Day is a talented one and develops little but cute iPhone applications every single day. Yes, you heard correctly. Every single day !

Check his site , support him for his venture!

There you will find Pumpkin, Graffiti, Poke and Sleigh game; a poor Santa who falls on the ice easily and many more !

Matchcaps, Is it a clone of Bejeweled?

Developed by Imaginuity New Media, the game follows the popular "match three" format familiar to online gaming fans. Matchcaps is very similar to Bejeweled and doesn't make much sense to have another shining over it.

Nice News : Open-Source 3D Game Engine for Apple iPhone, a community based free MMORPG (Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game), announced that they have started development of an open-source 3D engine to the Apple iPhone platform making Apple’s iPhone a viable option as a mobile gaming platform. hired a talented Brazilian programmer, Gutemberg Ribeiro, of “Conceptus” an open source game engine, to port the engine over to Apple’s iPhone platform. The port of the game engine will remain open source and will be available under LGPL license to allow true 3D game development on the iPhone.

The first public release of Conceptus for the iPhone is scheduled for early 2008.

The Conceptus game engine which already runs on the Windows, Mac, Symbian and even the Nintendo DS platforms will bring ParticleFX, BSP, Octree, PagingLandscape, Zip Compression, GlGenerator, GlPostProcessor, OpenAL, and an Extension Loader to the new iPhone. This benefits of these is that it will enable game developers to focus on writing game code and will leave the low level hardware code to the Conceptus engine.

It should also be mentioned that this project is being done without the support of Apple. Apple has said they will be offering official 3rd party support for native applications February 2008, however, the developers behind have been developing for the iPhone platform using a community released SDK for the iPhone.

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