Bubble Trouble : Nice Colors/Shapes iPhone Game

It is a simple but very entertaining iphone game. You need to find at least three colors/shapes that are touching and once clicked they vanish. You can do combos to make more points. The object of the game is to clear the boards.

The trick to that game is to spy at the board for the best combinations. Anticipate what each move will do for your next move. Play calmly and you’ll win.

Apple iPhone SDK 2008 : Dream of Game Developers?

Apple had announced that it is opening its iPhone platform to third-party applications. The company has announced that it is working on an SDK for release February 2008. It cites ensuring security from viruses and malware as the reason for the delay.

The delay is more likely due to work on the SDK having only commenced after an incredibly hostile consumer reaction to Apple's antipathy to third party applications. All this means is that, theoretically, we could see games on the ultra shiny and desirable handset by the latter part of next year.

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Roger Kenny released Battlefleet Beta 2.0

Feel the taste of war in your tiny gadget !

Battlefleet, the brilliant Battleship iPhone game by Roger Kenny. If you are already a fan of this game, you will know that it was pretty darn awesome already. But this game just got a little better with a new splash screen with dedicated iPhone entrance, the ability to play as Red or Blue, and a few other new options.

For those who are unfamiliar with this game, think of it as the same thing as playing Battleship as a kid only you don’t have your buddy cursing you out after you nailed his aircraft carrier. The only thing it is lacking is multiplayer support. Stay tuned for that one.

Check out the new release here.

New iPhone Games : Sudoku 4 iPhone, Tetroku

Tetroku is a new iPhone game released by 2robots a hybrid of sudoku and tetris.

and Sudoku 4 iPhone

Still, iphone game industry is creeping ! anyway we will continue to wait until giant game development companies get into the action.

New Free iPhone Game: Virtual Turtle

DS Effects, an Italian mobile game developer and publisher, today released Virtual Turtle for all java handsets. A free wap version, including Apple's iPhone, is also available.

Game info:

The objective is to take care of your pet. You will need to feed your turtle, play with the turtle, give the turtle activities, medical treatments and more. If you let your turtle starve or get sick for too long, your turtle will die.

Go to www.dseffects.com with your mobile browser to download this java virtual pet!

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