Knibble : Free Casual Games to iPhone, the largest aggregator of online casual games, launched Knibble iPhone, a unique site offering the most free casual games specifically tailored for the Apple iPhone.

The Knibble iPhone portal will be kicking off with eight games including the already launched Bejeweled game.

The other games on the Knibble portal for iPhones include Pair-O-Mania, Collapsing Blocks, Discover, Master Mind, Box Clear, Tic Tac, Video Poker, Minesweeper and Sudoku.

The best part is that all the games on the Knibbles iPhone portal are absolutely free of cost.

So if you are one those people who are lucky enough to have an Apple iPhone and you are desperately in a need of a gaming fix, then the Knibbles iPhone portal is the place to go.

You can access the Knibbles iPhone portal from this site on your iPhone.

Play Now ! , Top 100 Apple iPhone Games

1. Aha!
Bejeweled style game, you have to match colors.

2. All Lights
Turn on all lights to reveal the picture.

3. Ane Rouge
Ane Rouge board game on your iPhone

4. Assassin
This is a crazy online/real life game. You hunt down other iPhone users on the street and make them register.

5. Avalanche
Fun brick game.

6. Baffle
On every row, column or diagonal you must have only one piece of each color and shape.

7. Bandito Loves Kitty
Sadic humour game

8. Battlefleet
The old classic Battlefleet game now available on your iPhone

9. Bejeweled
The mother of all colapse bricks games.

10. Best Blackjack
That's the name not a review. Another Blackjack game for the iPhone.

11. Blackjack
Classic Blackjack game.

12. Breakdown
Popular 3D Breakdown game adapted for the iPhone

13. Brick Shooter
Shoot as many bricks as you can.

14. Bubble Trouble
Bejeweled style game, connect three or more pieces of the same color.

15. Carmadillo
'Frogger' style game but with an unfortunate armadillo that has a hard time crossing the road.

16. Chain Reaction
Combo between a puzzle and a board game.

17. Checkrz
Classic game of checkers adapted for the iPhone

18. Chess
Chess, most popular board game of all time.

19. Chess
Cellufun's version of chess

20. Chess Clock
Not exactly a game, but sure it can come handy when blending technology with tradition.

21. Collapsing Blocks
Collapsing blocks puzzle game.

22. Corridor
3D game controlled by the landscape/portrait rotation of the iPhone.

23. Demolition
Colapse 3 bricks of the same color grouped together untill u clear the board.

24. Dice Roller
Roll various type of dices for Dungeons & Dragons.

25. Dragon Fury
Dragon fighting game.

26. Duck Hunt
This is our favorite iPhone game. Poor ducks don't have a chance.

27. FanClub Blackjack
Blackjack game with an Apple logo deck. A nice touch is the landscape mode that provides more space.

28. Gems
Bejeweled style game

29. Golf Score Card
Golf score utility

30. Haiku
Submit your haiku or read others.

31. iBrick
Tetris game with nice tap control of the pieces.

32. iFifteen
15 tiles game, funny thing is that it does not scramble the tiles for you.

33. ION Bowling
Been designed specifically for the iPhone with great graphics and a simple 'tap-anywhere' interface

34. iTiles
Memory game, you uncover tiles to match similar items.

35. iTouch
Target practice game. Point the target with your finger on the touchscreen.

36. iWhack
Classic game with a new touch: you get to whack Steve Balmer.

37. Jigsaw Puzzle
Classic jigsaw puzzle game in which you move pieces to complete a picture.

38. Knight and Squire
Find treasure and kill the dragon.

39. Knock Out
Tap the screen to punch the opponent or to dodge his hits.

40. Lumina Game
Memory game. You must press the colored squares in the right order.

41. Magic iEightBall
Fortune cookie style game, ask a question, rotate the iPhone a few times and the ball will reveal the answer.

42. Marble Jumper
Remove as many marbles you can.

43. Mastermind
Puzzle game in which you have to guess a code of for colors selected by the computer from 6 colored balls.

44. Mastermind
Another Mastermind, this one from iSmileys

45. Mastermind (
Guess the color combination. Has a nice iPhone style interface.

46. Match Three
Swap and match 3 identical items on each row or column.

47. Maze
Find your way through random mazes.

48. Minesweeper
Puzzle game the goal is to mark all mines using the clues.

49. Minesweeper
Minesweeper game with the look and feel of the original version.

50. Missle Command
Arcade game in which you command a missle base and have to destroy bombs falling on you.

51. Mobile Pet My Phone
A virtual pet game where the pet it's actually a phone

52. MyNuMo Blackjack
Classic Blackjack game that takes full advantage of iPhone's touch screen.

53. Orion's Belt
Customize your ship to create the ultimate fighting machine

54. Othello
Classic Reversi style game also related to GO.

55. Pet Monkey
Cellufun's mobile pet - Pet Monkey

56. Poker
Casino slot machine style poker.

57. Pool
Make splashes in the pool, you can see other users splashing and they can see you.

58. Puzzler
Color conecting puzle, colapse 2 or more conecting pieces.

59. Qix
The goal is to cover as much of the field you can.

60. Quad Words
Arrange four connected words by rotating sets of three letters

61. Quiz
Quizes from adapted on a special interface for the iPhone

62. Quizzler Pro
You can create or run quizzes.

63. Reversi
The goal is to sorround your enemy with your pieces.

64. Reversi
Classic game of Reversi, aka Othello, related to ancient GO.

65. Scenario Poker
Texas hold'em poker game.

66. Scorekeeper
Symple scorekeeper wdget that can keep the score in memory between sesions.

67. Scrabble
Scrabble game in which you have to discover words from the available letters in a short time.

68. Shredder Chess
Good ol' chess. Never gets old.

69. Sliding Puzzle
Another classic puzzle in which you slide picture pieces around to complete the image.

70. Sokoban
You have to push all the pieces on a docking area.

71. Sokoban
Push all boxes to a docking area.

72. Solitaire
Classic solitaire card game.

73. Solitaire
The old everlasting Solitaire game.

74. Solitaire
Another take on the everlasting Solitaire card game.

75. Space Wars
Multyplayer game in which up to 120 players fight over the galaxy.

76. Spades Scorekeeper
Like the name says you can keep the score of your Spades game.

77. Spry Poker
Video game style Poker.

78. Stitch Words
Combine words from 12 pieces.

79. Stomp'em
Press a white box to STOMP on a flower.

80. Subsume
Traditional 2 player boardgame that can be played online with other iPhone users.

81. Sudoku
Number game. goal is to fill each square, row and line with all numbers from 1 to 9.

82. Sudoku
Sudoku game, nice interface, alot of different puzzles

83. Sudoku
Another adaptation for the iPhone of the classic Sudoku.

84. Sudoku
Yes, it's another take on the iPhone sudoku. So you have plenty of them to chose from.

85. Sudoku
Cellufun's version of Sudoku

86. Super Dog
What can we say. Cute!

87. Tetris
Tetris. What more can we say.

88. Think Ahead
Play this numbers game against your iPhone

89. Thumb Scan
Funny results, and NO it does not really scans your fingerprint.

90. Tic Tac Toe
If you need a description for this game, this is not the place to get it.

91. Tiger Tile
Simple tile game, you need to reconstruct the picture of a tiger.

92. Tile
Simple tile game in which you reconstruct pictures by moving the tiles around.

93. Tilt
Motion controled arcade game

94. Video Poker
Video poker game.

95. Virtual Pets
9 virtual pets to chose from

96. Word Breaker
Guess computer's word before it guesses yours.

97. Word Rotation
You have to put together words by rotating sets of three letters.

98. Word Search
Find words in this classic puzzle.

99. Word Spell
Goal is to arrange the letters to form words.

100. Wormy
Simple arcade game

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