MAME is running on the iPhone : Slowly

MAME, the arcade game rerunner that harnesses the power of a platform to emulate some of your favorite games, has made its way to the Apple iPhone. The port is an SDL version that unfortunately, is still too slow to run anything other than Pac-man and Q*Bert at this time. And, believe it or not, both of the games run quite well with no slowdowns.

From the host page: “As expected, performance is an issue. … Galaga and Gyruss are marginal even with frame skipping and lowered sound quality. The SDL port was the quickest way to get everything up and running without having to delve into the guts of MAME. I’ll take a stab at slapping together something based on a really old, simpler version of MAME to see if it runs any better.”

Other than the obvious issues with speed and the need for a reliable online app, is the fact that none of these games were designed for a touch screen. That said, it should work relatively well if the game featured virtual D-pads and other necessary buttons, right? Time will tell, I guess.

iphone-sdl-mame [Google Code]

Source : Macnn

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