MAME is running on the iPhone : Slowly

MAME, the arcade game rerunner that harnesses the power of a platform to emulate some of your favorite games, has made its way to the Apple iPhone. The port is an SDL version that unfortunately, is still too slow to run anything other than Pac-man and Q*Bert at this time. And, believe it or not, both of the games run quite well with no slowdowns.

From the host page: “As expected, performance is an issue. … Galaga and Gyruss are marginal even with frame skipping and lowered sound quality. The SDL port was the quickest way to get everything up and running without having to delve into the guts of MAME. I’ll take a stab at slapping together something based on a really old, simpler version of MAME to see if it runs any better.”

Other than the obvious issues with speed and the need for a reliable online app, is the fact that none of these games were designed for a touch screen. That said, it should work relatively well if the game featured virtual D-pads and other necessary buttons, right? Time will tell, I guess.

iphone-sdl-mame [Google Code]

Source : Macnn

The Latest iPhone Game : Stack the Log

Stack the Log! is one of those simple games that seem too simple at first but after playing it a few times you really do get hooked. The game works like this: A log moves left to right, you push the button. Log drops. Then another log moves left to right. You push said button again. Any part that overhangs the pile drops off. Eventually your accuracy suffers and the leftover log is so tiny that you inevitably miss the log pile and the game is over.
It might not utilize the tilting feature from the phone but it is fun. Check it out here.

Lights Off: a native iPhone game

The latest iPhone application is the first fully native iPhone game, Lights Off. The game is simple enough; turn off all the lights by pressing them and you advance to the next level. The real shocker here is the polish. This app looks like it shipped with the iPhone, and that's a huge accomplishment especially when compared with the command line iPhone apps that have been available as of late, impressive as those may be. Sadly, the lack of support from Apple means that getting Lights Off running on your iPhone is harder than it should be, but I'm hopeful that Apple will see all this cool developer activity and open up the iPhone a little. It could happen, right?A word of warning, this software is provided as is, so if you aren't comfortable mucking around with your iPhone's innards it might behoove you to wait until Apple supports this sort of thing.

Source : Tuaw

Getting iPhone games soon - the proof is in the code!

Apple’s got to release some official gaming applications for the iPhone. As nice as web-based gaming applications can be, nothing can beat the speed, integration, and convenience of a natively installed game application. But, until we get more solid proof that Apple is working to help iPhone users across the nation waste precious working hours playing on the iPhone, this latest nugget of code will have to be filed as speculation, nothing less.

Apparently, a bit of fishing around inside the iPhone’s code reveals a couple of lines that seem to directly imply that native iPhone gaming will soon be upon us. Here’s the code:

/* ===== iPhone Game Item Strings ===== */ “4329.001″ = “Are you sure you want to remove the selected game from your iPhone?”; “4329.002″ = “Are you sure you want to remove the selected games from your iPhone?”;

Why would Apple include code that would prompt a user to confirm a game deletion? Because they are likely planning on releasing games for the iPhone. We’re done speculating on what features a future iPhone update might bring, but we sure do hope that a v1.1 update come toting some games (and iChat, of course).

Source : IntoMobile

New iPhone Game : Duck Hunt

Apple iPhone owners can now play “Duck Hunt” thanks to Deron Dantzler, who coded a JavaScript-based version of the Duck Hunt game optimized for the iPhone.

Wrote Mr Dantzler himself:

I’ve never programmed a game before, nor do I claim to be a professional. I’m not really sure what motivated me to do this, it was kind of just an idea hatched out of boredom that turned into a pretty fun little project. I’m sure that there are plenty of bugs to be found, but for those of you who do not want to hack your iPhone in order to play an old classic, this might be a quick fix (even if it isn’t as cool as Mario).

You can:
- Play iPhone Duck Hunt game.
- Download iPhone Duck Hunt game source. (8KB)

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