iPhone : A Gaming Platform?

It's a smartphone. It's an iPod. It's Apple's iPhone -- and its making room on deck for video games. One of the top casual-game publishers just stepped aboard the iPhone express, and analysts are saying the move might lead to other developers climbing on board.

On Monday, PopCap Games launched a custom version of its flagship game Bejeweled for the iPhone. If that's not enough to excite iPhone-toting gamers, perhaps the price tag will turn some heads: Bejeweled is available at no cost.

"We're excited to be providing the most popular puzzle game of the 21st century to users of the most advanced mobile device yet created," Andrew Stein, director of mobile platforms at PopCap, said in a statement. "We wanted to give the hundreds of thousands of iPhone users a fun, fast gaming fix -- and at no cost, no less."

Let the iPhone Games Begin!

Starting Monday, iPhone users can log on to PopCap.com via the iPhone's Safari Web browser and play the iPhone-specific version of the original Bejeweled for free. The customized version of Bejeweled leverages the Web 2.0 capabilities of Safari and the wireless capabilities of the iPhone, and has been optimized to take advantage of the iPhone's unique display and input controls.

PopCap developed the Safari-based version of Bejeweled in partnership with Polish developer Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk. PopCap execs did not reveal whether its newest wireless game, Chuzzle Mobile, or its popular mobile game Zuma, will be available for the iPhone. But considering PopCap's success working with the video iPod, more games could be in the works.

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg called the introduction of the PopCap classic on the iPhone a significant milestone. "We've seen a couple of different homegrown games that people have developed for the iPhone," he explained, "but now we are seeing a very powerful implementation of Bejeweled made available for free."

Viability of Gaming on iPhone

Some analysts had questioned the viability of video games for the iPhone when it launched, but Apple has clearly demonstrated a proof of concept for delivering premium gaming content on its new device, Gartenberg said. The question now is how to monetize the games. Currently, there is no way for iPhone users to purchase and download video game titles and play them when offline.

Gartenberg said he wonders whether Apple plans to address the monetization issue in the future in a way that follows the iPod model in which users can purchase and download titles directly from iTunes. Apple has not yet revealed its plans in the gaming arena for the iPhone.

"The biggest issue for PopCap is that there's not a good vehicle for selling the content over the Web so iPhone users can access it," he concluded. "And more importantly there is the difficulty playing those titles when you are in a disconnected state."

New iPhone Game from Popcap

Apple launched the iPhone without any games available for it. But games are coming to the Apple iPhone after all. PopCap Games, a leader in simple puzzle games, is announcing today an iPhone version of its popular "Bejeweled" puzzle game that is widely available on other gadgets.

Consumers can download it to their iPhones by using the Safari web browser in the phone to log in at www.popcap.com. Then they can download the game for free. The game has been tweaked to take advantage of the iPhone's unique display and input controls.

PopCap developed the game in partnership with Polish developer Arka diusz Mlynarczyk. The game will be a fast gaming fix for people on the move. Both "Bejeweled" and PopCap's "Zuma" game have been available on Apple's video iPods since last year.

Source : Mercury news

New Iphone Games : Lumina Memory and Aha Logic

Luminagame : This game is playable only on Apple's iPhone or with the Safari web browser.

A logic puzzle game for the iPhone

8 New iPhone Games from iGoChat

New Apple Iphone Games : iChess, i-Tiles, Sokoban

At last, more iPhone games began to appear. This is a chess game developed for iPhone.
Enjoy it. iChess

i-Tiles: a memory game

iPhone Sokoban: A puzzle game where you have to push the boxes onto the target squares.

MacMost Iphone Games

MacMost released new iphone games. Check them. They will be adding more.

Word Spell





Match 3



Word Search

Think Ahead


Apple's Puzzler Game

Apple released a sample Web 2.0 game for the iPhone called Puzzler, last week.

"Puzzler" is a fun and interactive game that illustrates the use of web standards and JavaScript for the iPhone.

This application makes advanced usage of mouse-handlers for user-input.

To play the game simply double-click or double-tap on any set of 2 or more balls of the same color that are touching. The balls will disappear and any balls above or to the left of the balls you just eliminated will shift into new positions. The goal is to clear all the balls from the screen.

You can play it online at MacRumors

The Sims Bowling comes to the iPod

With just a click wheel and a screen, the iPod isn't exactly an ideal device for mobile gaming. The format is still relatively new, but there are already some neat games out there, with more coming as developers warm up to the iPod. EA has said that it will release four iPod games this year, although we don't know exactly what three of those titles will be.

The one we do know about is The Sims Bowling, which we're heard about for a while. If you can't resist The Sims franchise, you'll be happy to know that The Sims Bowling was released today, and is available on the iTunes Store. As far as features and gameplay go, the game is pretty much bowling with some Sims thrown in. Since it's a Sims game, you can customize the appearance of your character, and the main game modes earn you "Simoleons" that you can use to buy bonus items.

The bowling aim, power, and spin are all controlled by the wheel, and there are two main game modes, called "Sims Life" and "Pass-n-Play." The first is the single-player mode, and lets you bowl in order to gain popularity and get new items. "Pass-n-Play" seems a bit more promising, since it lets two players compete by handing the iPod back and forth, something which we'll hopefully see more of on the iPod or perhaps even the iPhone's WiFi capabilities in the future (ooh, rumor anyone?).

The game has gotten pretty good reviews on iTunes so far, although other sites haven't been quite as kind to The Sims Bowling on other platforms, citing bad graphics after you bowl the ball and a lack of replayability. Sure, it may be a fairly simple title, but it looks pretty decent as iPod games go. If you're ready to put on your funny shoes and bowl, The Sims Bowling can be yours for the usual $4.99 price from the iTunes Store. Now if we can just get these games on the iPhone...

Source : Game Space

iPhone Virtual Typing Test

Does your iPhone typing improved since you bought your iPhone? Are you making real progress on the iPhone virtual keyboard?

Now you can test it using the "iPhone typing test". Try it and know your score!

MyNuMo iPhone Blackjack

MyNuMo announces the next product in its line of fun casual games for the iPhone, MyNuMo Blackjack. MyNuMo Blackjack is a casino game that demonstrates the capabilities of the iPhone and provides a superior playing experience. MyNuMo Blackjack for the iPhone equals or exceeds the quality of any mobile casino game. Uniquely adapted to the iPhone's touchscreen interface, MyNuMo Blackjack is a pleasure to play.

Go play iPhone Blackjack.

Poker in iPhone

Scenario Poker, who make a popular Mac OS X desktop widget, have ported their wares to the handset and offer activation of both versions for $10.

In what may be the first real game for the iPhone, Scenario Software has created a Web version of its Scenario Poker Texas Hold ‘em game just for the iPhone. You can play by going to http://iphone.scenario.com through your iPhone’s Safari browser, and can choose from an 8-player portrait-oriented version or a 10-player landscape-oriented version. You can try it out for free, and $10 gets you an activation code that works with both the iPhone and Dashboard versions. Scenario will even mail you an iPoker Card that lets you know which hands you should hold and which you should fold before the flop

New iPhone Game : Brickshooter

Author: TERMINAL Studio

License Free to play

Price: Free to play

Link: brickshooter.com

Modified for iPhone


BrickShooter is a uniquely addictive challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It’s for anyone who
enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them.

iPhone SuperDog : Free platform game

The first platform game for iPhone. You must guide super dog through different levels avoiding enemies and jumping obstacles.

Date Posted: 06.06.2007

Author: DS Effects

License: Free to play

Price: Free to play

Link: dseffects.biz

Web iPhone Games

Despite rumors that the likes of EA and Nintendo are looking iPhone game development, Apple is so far not providing any downloadable games for the device, or even hinting that any are coming down the pike. You can't even play your old iPod games on your new toy. What's a game-loving iPhone owner to do?

Enter the web. Already sites like iGiki, fun4iPhone, and MacMost are hosting simple web-based iPhone games to keep you busy. Much like similar web-game portal Wiicade, these games will work on practically any computer with a mouse but have been designed with the iPhone's screen and unique capabilities in mind.

Unfortunately, since the iPhone's Safari browser doesn't support Java or Flash, the offerings thus far are limited to relatively simple and uninspiring JavaScript games. Still, we're hopeful that the burgeoning iPhone hacking community can get around this limitation and turn the iPhone into the game-playing device it's obviously destined to be.

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