Worms Crazy Golf is coming to iOS soon

Unless you've spent the last 16 years in a fallout shelter underground, or have recently regained consciousness, no need for great introductions. We all remember and, leaving aside some of the recent versions, we love small Worms and their funny wars. To the delight of many, today's news is directly related to the saga, as Team 17 has announced Worms Crazy Golf game for IOS.

 As figure out the title, this next release will focus exclusively on a sport that, when combined with different characters on different consoles, has been almost synonymous with success and fun. Worms Crazy Golf is popular and addictive fusion of classical two-dimensional and a crazy golf tournament with 18 holes.

On this occasion, the player must go through a series of scenarios and characters full of obstacles, and guide the little white ball into the tranquility of the golf green and the hole: "The Britannia Field development reveals playful rolling hills and sheep, however, all is not as idyllic as it seems. In the heart of "Sceptre Isle" is a lush green golf course, full of devilish tricks such as cannons, castles, mischievous moles, cable cars, and angry old golfers have a tendency to redistribute his ball. " Judging from the video, this new release sounds very funny and promising. Still, do not think it could surpass the success and popularity of the first and innovative versions of Worms so many hours of our lives have been stolen.

On the other hand, unfortunately, has not yet announced the official launch date, but is expected to be within reach of our fingers before year's end. What we do know is this: This title will be available for Apple devices: iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Infinity Blade: Angry Birds Killer Game

Infinity Blade a 3D sword iPhone fight game by Epic Games has made a new record on Apple App Store. The game has managed to bring profits just in a week after its release on App Store and got the title of the fastest-grossing app in the all history of the Apple's money-machine store.

It is known that more than 300,000 people are playing the 3D iPhone game on Apple's Game Center network and it means a flat $1.8 million in game sales ($5.99 a copy). However, Epic Games CEO has stated that these numbers are even low because not all gamers are there who bought Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade is a very impressive iPhone game, especially the graphics render quality are top-notch.

Infinity Blade currently outsells legendary Angry Birds iPhone game.

iPhone Game Development for Beginners

Playing iPhone games is not enough for you and curious about how they design and program such excellent games like Angry Birds, iSlash, you can get your hands dirty with Beginning iPhone Game Development book. Plus, the reward can return you as montly extra cash from the game downloads on App Store. If you have talent and real patience to work on serious iPhone game projects, it can even turn into a business which brings thousands of dollars monthly.

You’ll learn in Beginning iPhone Game Development book about:

Effective techniques for designing in 2D and 3D to the iPhone screen

Game-special computer animation solutions with Core Animation

To make use of OpenGL ES for extra complicated and real looking gaming background scenes and motion

Several ways of bringing music to improve the game playing feel

How you can provide your users usage of their iPhone libraries from inside games

The instruments and methods of 3D audio for producing far more authentic gaming experiences

How you can perform game networking right, among them two-player games over Bluetooth and multiplayer games throughout Wi-Fi

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Farmville iPhone Game

FarmVille, the most popular game of all times in Facebook, having more than 60 million active fans per month now goes to iPhone platform. It is now available on App store for purchase.

The developer Zynga has made a very wise step by entering Apple games area at the very perfect time. On the anniversary of Farmville game and the hot release of iPhone 4.

It is already estimated that Zynga will make incredible amount of money by Farmville iPhone game. Overall, if you are a fan and also an iPhone owner, go and buy this game now at App store.

Best Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband Deals

Pay as you go mobile broadband deals are even much popular now due to several advantages over traditional contract based mobile broadband offers. Generally, such plans have lower costs in the long range for phone users who do not heavily use Internet and SMS based mobile chat applications. Also ,why to pay more for the advanced features or high bandwidth limits which some phone users will never use? They are also preferred because there are no contract at all or with a very short range like 1 month or even with daily payments. It gives freedom to change a provider without paying an early termination fee. Some pay as you go mobile broadband plans will also enable phone owners buying it without a permanent address declaration, phone line rental or credit card.

Now, I will let you know where you can compare all best pay-as-you-go mobile broadband plans for UK. If you browse into http://www.broadband-expert.co.uk website, you will see the best affordable deals by O2, Vodafone, T-mobile, 3 and Orange broadband providers.

By the time of writing this post, I see that offers from O2 and Vodafone are quite attractive. For example, Vodafone starter offer, TopUp & Go with 3GB download limit, without a contract costs you only £25. When you need data, you can at any time buy 3GB package again for £15. I should add that you get the modem stick for free which costs £20 alone. I advice you browsing to this website often to get the latest deal values. Remember that mobile broadband market is very competitive and you can find the best deal by using the tools on this website.

Let's now review one of the best online services to compare mobile broadband plans for US customers. At Broadband Expert, you can compare the plans from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T Mobile according to parameters like price, contract terms, mobile broadband limit and speed. Each deal has also independent user reviews which will give you an overall idea how qualified an offer is.

After the comparison, you can directly buy the plan you prefer. I should also add that many mobile broadband deals now offer free laptops, netbooks with long term contracts. If you are a serious heavy mobile broadband user, do not miss such free laptop broadband offers. There is a vital free tool to understand your real broadband connection speed. Just provide your state and provider name and start the test. The tool will do upload & download tests and you will see the results in a minute.

Australian residents now can benefit from mobile broadband online comparison website of Broadband expert. It is similar to US and UK versions but deals are surely only cover Australian providers including Yes Uptus, 3, Virgin, Dodo, WestNet etc. For example, I see an offer from Dodo with free Asus netbook for $39.90 on a 24 months contract. What you will get besides free Asus laptop is 3GB data on a 3.6 mb speed. If you don't need 3GB, you can consider buying only 0.25 GB data. This time the monthly price decreases to $19 and still you get the high quality Asus laptop free. :)

Best iPhone Cases

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